The Game - 2005-12-25
Game 4 of 5

The Game, 2005-12-25 - Game 4
Five people (a group that included engineers, artists and musicians) played the following game:

The first person writes a sentence.  The second person draws a picture intended to convey the meaning of the sentence.  The third person, who sees only the picture, writes a new sentence that says what he or she thinks the picture is saying.  The next person turns that sentence into another picture, and so on alternating between sentences and pictures until the page is full.  Then everyone gets to see how the meaning has "drifted", and even more amazingly, how some concepts have remained.  Here is the fourth of our five game cards:

1.  The green frog leaped on the big crocodile's back


3.  The Party Quebecois frog mascot had had ENOUGH! (Assez!) and attacked the Conservative Party alligator mascot (with the forked tongue).


5.  Oh!  There's a toad larva holding the crocodile taut.


7.  A depressed ant reads a score by John Cage, suffering deeply.

[End of Game Card 4]

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